Thursday, October 8, 2009

TwiHards Stick Together

Rather than the usual Twi-post today, I'd rather plead the case of some fellow Twi-Hards.  Some of you may have seen posts and ads for a Rob Pattinson dvd collection called "Robsessed". Some of you may also know that there was already a ROBsessed blog in place long before this dvd ever existed. It was bad enough that Revolver Entertainment jacked the URL that ROBsessed had been working on aquiring, but they are now highjacking the blog entirely. They are using material directly from ROBsessed and several other Twi-tweeters (@RPLife @CarinaOlsen)  and making it look like they are writing FOR Revolver Entertainment. This is NOT TRUE. The material is being STOLEN from the creators. Revolver Entertainment is cashing in on Rob's fame, while ROBsessed work purely for the love of doing it. These girls work really hard for the benefit of all Twilight/Rob Pattinson fans and are deserving of more than a little loyalty. Frankly most days I wouldn't have a whole hell of a lot to show you without them. I will not post a link to the dvd site in question, as I don't want to give these asshats one more click, and I ask anyone that may have been thinking about purchasing this to spend your money elsewhere.  Stand up for the little guy. Trust me, follow @ROBsessedblog and and you will have no need for the dvd anyway. These Twiladies are ON it and will give you your fix DAILY.

Read all about it, in their own words:

If you want to do one better, email and voice your opinion. Try not to use phrases like "suck it" and "pound sand", no matter how tempting. You can also leave a comment on the Amazon page for the dvd. (Ooh, crafty, I like it)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.

UPDATE: Per @ROBsessedblog The #RevolverEntertainmentSucks losers are back online.They removed our content and went back to just selling their bullshit DVD.THANK YOU!!

YAY! Good to hear it!

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