Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday TwiHard(ish) Report

I've been collecting little tidbits here and there to post, but really, most of it is just more New Moon branded crap, blah blah blah hot topic blah blah blah.  It leaves me very Meh.  So, I'll skip it.  If you really want a New Moon jigsaw puzzle or godforsaken face shirt (I hate them I hate them I hate them they suck), go to the mall.

If you absolutely positively MUST be first to see New Moon, Cineplez theaters are offering some 10 pm showings on 11/19. Only 2 hours earlier, but for some folks every minute counts. Twilight Examiner has the deets. Personally I bought tickets for the 12:45 am show, hoping the craziest of the crazies flock to the 12:01 show, but still won't be out before I go in to ruin anything for me. It's a good theory on paper.

<--- The best thing I've seen this week is The Adventures Of Pocket Edward Blog. I love this. It's better than my blog, so if you're reading this, check it out. Just please come back to me. I'm fragile.  You can also follow Pocket Edward on twitter! (@advensofpedward)

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