Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twi-Slacker Report

Yep. Been a few days. Maybe I was feeling a little Twired (bad as I think that was?) or maybe still reeling from post-Lautner contact, whatever...I slacked. But I promise you haven't missed out on anything too earth shattering.

Most important news, the New Moon soundtrack is out!!! And IMHO, AWESOME! I've had a new favorite song every day so far. The only track I really dislike is the Editors song, dude's voice creeps me out, but to each their own. Yes, it's a whole lot of emo, but hey, that's New Moon. The collection of music on the soundtrack does a great job of capturing the emotion of reading New Moon, making me even more excited to see the movie, if that's at all possible. Even those outside the Twi cult should check out this soundtrack as a collection of some very interesting up and coming bands. While you're at it, check out more from Band of Skulls, a personal favorite.

Though it's very much putting-the-cart-in-front-of-the-horse, will Muse be back for a third time with the Eclipse soundtrack? MTV has posted a new interview with Muse's Dominic Howard, discussing their history with Eclipse's director David Slade and being a part of the world of Twilight. Check out the interview and a great write up at

I hate getting too texty. So, how about a New Moon promo pic of the FULL wolf pack, including Jacob?

The first rule of Wolf Pack is never talk about Wolf Pack, but apparently the second rule is to only wear dark neutrals. Anyhoo, still pretty hot.

Whilst in the wolfy vein, the Spike TV Scream Awards taped this weekend, and while I won't give spoilers to anyone hell bent on watching and being surprised (good luck with that) Mr. Taylor Lautner WAS on hand.  Several fan sites have reported however that the New Moon clip presented was NOT new. However, there could still be a different clip inserted for the actual airing, to avoid leaks. Those movie execs can be crafty little monkeys. See for yourself when the Scream Awards air on Spike on 10/27.

Jumping on the Twi-merch cash wagon, Nordstrom has introduced their own line of New Moon clothing and merch. To sweeten the pot, Nordstrom is offering tickets to private advance screenings of New Moon with every $50 purchase from their collection. $50 seems pretty steep to me, but you do get bragging rights for seeing it first.  The merch is toned down considerably from it's Hot Topic counterparts, most of it being less overt and more wearable by anyone over the age of 12. Many of the t-shirts are actually pretty cute, like this "Dear Alice" shirt:

Cute right? But then there are a few pieces, that while not awful, I can't for the life of me figure out what they have to do with New Moon, or anything Twilight related for that matter. This tunic being the perfect example:

Do the Cullens have their own tartan I'm not aware of? Is this reminiscent of something Bella wears in the movie we just don't know about yet? (With that many ruffles I highly doubt it.) Is it a wink and a nod to all the plaid sported off set by Rob Pattinson? I have no answers for you. Not one.

Finally there is a special New Moon issue of People magazine on stands now. It is chock full of pretty pictures from New Moon and it's even prettier stars and this gem, the first still from Eclipse. With the release of New Moon just about a month away, it's good to prepare for the fervor and speculation to swing Eclipse's way.

God, I could stare at that profile all the live long day. Now please go buy the magazine so I don't get in trouble for using the picture, because I'd really miss seeing it if they made me take it down.

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