Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26/09 Earworms

Yikes, I just realized I've been remiss in posting my earworms, which are usually what I've thrown into my on the go playlist that week, and my current list is threatening to swallow me whole!

"Bad Guy" - Mindy Smith
"Am I just someone you call when you need someone to keep" & "You tell me that I'm crazy, you tell me that I've lost my mind but you're the one behind the wheel, driving me across that line" seal the deal with me on this song
"Wiggley Fingers" - Patty Griffin
I just rediscovered Griffin's "Flaming Red" cd. I firmly believe it's a must have
"You're Gonna Want Me" - Shane Dwight
Momma loves a little dirty blues
"The Royal We" - Silversun Pickups
This might be the earwormiest of them all, I've developing a serious music crush on Silversun Pickups, they sound different enough to stand out but familiar enough to be completely addictive
"Drive" - Gary Go
One of the best covers I've heard in a long time, Gary Go elevates The Cars tune to a beautiful new level
"Fearless" - Taylor Swift
You may have noticed I love Taylor. This is my current favorite off her disc of the same name. Just makes me smile
"Clockwork" - Mutemath
Mutemath (Mute Math? I still don't know) was introduced to me through the Twilight soundtrack, but their latest cd "Armistice" is fantasti. I air drum with this song, sad but true
"I Shall Believe" - Sheryl Crow
Another oldie buy goodie, still a little haunting, still extremely sexy
"Boom" - Anjulie
Great combo of slinky and danceable that makes it perfect music to get ready to
"Friends" - Band of Skulls
Exactly why I was so excited when I first learned BOS was going to be included on the New Moon soundtrack, I love them and can't wait for everyone else to love them. My fave song on the soundtrack (at least today)
"Junebug" - Robert Francis
Perfect driving with the windows down song, even if it's too cold to do that anymore
"Beautiful Is Gone" - The Ruse
The only band to ever randomly start following me on twitter that I found I really really love. I don't understand how this isn't a #1 song.
"Through & Through & Through" - Joel Plaskett
Kind of retro, late 70's feel makes it a lazy Sunday song
"Happy Ending" - Mika
I admit, I make up elaborate movie scenes in my head to this song on the el in the morning
"Feeling Good" - Muse
What Adam Lambert was aiming for when he did this song on American Idol

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