Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday TwiHard Report

Yep, I totally edited this to just make it the post du jour. Why? Because I can!

Jacob haters be damned, this gave me a serious case of the giddies. Now if only Alex Meraz would stop making me love him via twitter so I could concentrate on my hatred of Paul, we'd be all good.

The clip is now available for download through the new iTunes Twilight store

Do Regis & Kelly have magic booking fairies? They must because they pulled this off, via their twitter account: @Regis_and_Kelly EXCLUSIVE! New Moon's Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner on our show Nov18,19,&20!

A) Having one on each day certainly hints that they'll be doing so much press that all three can't be spared at the same time, no surprise there. Have caffeine and cigarettes, will travel.
B) Does this mean I'm going to have to watch Regis & Kelly? THREE TIMES? *groan* If I must.

I love the smell of media blitz in the morning!

Pssst only 252 days until Eclipse is allegedly released, just in case that New Moon count was getting old.

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