Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday TwiHard Report

Eclipse filming is a wrap and New Moon is rapidly approaching (huzzah!)

The media meltdown for New Moon is starting to bubble, so far the holy Twinity has been booked for the Today show and Regis & Kelly (hopefully Reeg has learned Kristen's name by now) but Ellen may have scored the crown Rob Pattinson all by his lonesome. Let's see if he brings the whole family back to sit in the audience again.

If you somehow missed the new "Save Her" you go!

Have I mentioned lately I'm excited? I am...a little...I hope I don't piddle on the rug.

Those kids at Summit know the second New Moon premieres, the Eclipse onslaught begins in earnest. So via the @twilight twitter acct, they treated us to the title treatment for Eclipse:

Ooooh ominous! Well, as ominous as a few words can be, but I like it, it's a start! There is going to be a LOT of time to fill before Eclipse hits theaters in Summer of '10. New Moon was somewhat balanced with Eclipse filming tidbits (and the uberstalking of it's cast), but if they don't film Breaking Dawn in whatever way they're going to do, it's going to be a long dry winter.

Whenever, and however they approach Breaking Dawn, it would be nice if the cast didn't have to hideout...most notably Rob & Kristen nee Robsten.  My friend Tracy (@rosenfie) but together her first video about just that topic. Pretty damn good for a first shot!  :)

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