Monday, September 7, 2009

Vampires, They're Everywhere!

I didn't want to call this a Twi-Hard report, because I had vamp-news from other fronts this time around.

To dig in immediately...for all you True Blood/Team Eric is reporting that Alexander Skarsgard is dating recent True Blood co-star Evan Rachel Wood. If Lainey says this comes from infallible source, I believe her. She's not one to throw out info to get it out first or...make it up...then hide behind some penises drawn on the victim of the week like...ahem...some gossipees. That, and she understands what a delectable little morsel Jackson Rathbone is...but more on that later. More on the Skarsgard/Wood coupling here.

In new-to-the-vamp-world news, I used my post-wedding incapacitation yesterday to catch up on the first season of the BBC's "Being Human." A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in a house together sounds like the setup for a joke your 8 year nephew just can't wait to tell you for the 5th time, but it's better, I promise. "Being Human" seizes the supernatural hotness of the moment without coming off as just a rip-off. All three are clinging desperately to the last of their humanity, trying to live in the human world, but the ghost doesn't know why she hasn't crossed over, the werewolf is a meek worrier who can't accept the beast as part of himself and the vampire is being persecuted by other vampires for his alternative lifestyle and his human/vamp love story has a much darker ending than Twilight or even True Blood. Don't worry though, one thing remains constant, the vamp is HOT. All but the first episode are currently available on-demand through BBC America.

Ok Twi-Hards, you've been patient, it's your turn! Picture time!

New "New Moon" promo pic of Nikki Reed/Rosalie Hale. Meh. Some of you have issues with the wigs, I kind of hate the contacts. I know they are the only practical solution, and in action they are fine, but in stills they always look like they aren't positioned quite right. I'll get over it.

A new Bella & Edward-centric "New Moon" poster has been released too. I don't understand how from every trailer and clip I've seen, "New Moon" looks so beautifully shot, and yet the posters are all so harsh. Of all the shots they took, the faces were the best in this? KStew and RPattz are prettier people than this. Tone the contour powder down a skotch or twelve.

This is what I'm talking stills, beautiful! Soft, gorgeous and crackling with Robsten chemistry.

Back to my homage to LaineyGossip. She sees this and she GETS it. Jackson is the pocket pet of the Twilight cast. If you also feel like branching out your Twi-love tree a little, check out more Jackson Rathbone and the lovely Christian Serratos (Angela) over at

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