Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday TwiHard Report

So...the "extended" New Moon trailer at the VMA's. Did you see it? If you didn' didn't miss much. A millisecond more shirtless Edward makes for a happy girl, but a little more Jacob chatter and a close up of an empty Cullen lunch table? Ooh, yay. HOWEVER! This is not to say I'm not deeply appreciative of this third trailer! Heck no! I've only watched it several times. Oh fine, several dozen times. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE. So much so that I bought my ticket for the 12:45 am show on release night. Excellent use of a day off I must say. 66 days to go!

Also on the VMAs (MTV + Twilight = True Love 4-EVA!), the debut of the full first song from the "New Moon" soundtrack, Death Cab For Cutie's "Meet Me On The Equinox". I thought it was supposed to be the video, but if you can find it on you are better than I. However, the always reliable Twilight Examiner has the full song at least. I like it...I think it fits the tone of the movie and if I were a betting woman I'd probably put it somewhere near Bella trying to save Edward, although I suppose it could be a breakup song, but listening to the lyrics, I stick with my guess.

Allegedly, Muse is also in talks to be included on the "New Moon" soundtrack. Muse, Stephenie Meyer's favorite band, was on the "Twilight" soundtrack with "Supermassive Black Hole" (my ringtone BTW).  The song would be pulled off the band's new cd "The Resistance", out tomorrow (11/15).  I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of "The Resistance," and I'm begging...PLEADING...CRYING for the chosen song to be "Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt 3: Redemption" Insanely long title, beautiful song. This piano driven ballad moved me to tears the first time I heard it and would be perfect for the reunion of Edward & Bella. Fingers, toes and other bits crossed! More in Muse's words here...

The "New Moon" onslaught continues with merch merch merch! Hot Topic has unveiled some of their "New Moon" merch, such as this shirt:

Have I mentioned my utter hatred of "face" t-shirts? :::shudder::: Thankfully, this one is slightly more palatable:
I say, scratch both and start saving for a pair of "Twilight Saga" themed, custom painted Chuck Taylors! You can choose a design and pick your own quotes or commission a custom pair. I'm accepting donations, since I will need 4 pairs to get all the quotes I want. I figure one pair, 2 quotes per book?  Sure. They aren't cheap, but I love them:
Should you want a pair of these beauties for yourself, or if you want to surprise me with a pair (I take a 9.5), take a wander over to

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