Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday TwiHard Report

The headache pressure behind my eyeballs is reaching critical mass, but I've been remiss with blogging the past few days, between slow news and full calendar, but now there is much to share, so here we go! Bloggity blog blog blog.

As previously mentioned, there is to be a new "New Moon" trailer making it's debut at the VMA's this weekend (and possibly before Sorority Row, which opens today?) and there are now details about what's included in that trailer. I will not spoil it for anyone that wants to be surprised, but for info freaks like me, has the goods from MTV. All I can say is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. As soon as I'm done here I'm going to start counting the hours.

For everyone that watched this week's debut of "The Vampire Diaries" on the CW this week and thought "um..hi Twi-Lite", Twilight Examiner has writer Kevin Williamson's explanation of why TVD (I typed "The VD" first, got the giggles, and think TVD might be more appropriate) is not like Twilight...but how he plans on incorporating Twilight anyway. I watched and saw the similarity, but to be perfectly honest, I'd watch just for Ian Somerhalder being all smoking bad vampy. I'd probably watch if it were just Somerhalder sitting staring into the camera for an hour.

Instead of closing with the sad news, I'll rip the band-aid off and save a little salve for after. A new message popped up on this week regarding "Midnight Sun"...and how any spam ads you see offering you a chance to win a copy are just hoaxes.  Sigh Stephy....BIG SIGH. There is still a little room in my heart where the belief lives that Stephenie Meyer won't let her fans down, is over the original leak of this story, but is finishing it under dark of night to avoid any further leaks...that we just won't hear anything about it until it is ready for release. But that room is slowly being bricked closed, and I know we may just never get closure there (you can read the first 300 or so pages on Meyer's website, but I warn you, it's your heart). Meyer has spoken in the past that if she were to continue along the Twilight path, she would most likely write from a new perspective, such as Leah or Nessie (if you don't know who that is you need to keep reading and stop looking at my blog until you have). This got me thinking...who's story would YOU like to see? I would love to know what happens to Leah. We're introduced to her and just as soon as we start to feel for her, her story just sort of fades into the ether. What happens to her? Nessie would be great because we would still get to see glimpses of those Cullens we know and love.  I, for one, would most like to know more about Alice and Jasper. Their relationship seems most fated in the way of Edward and Bella but coming from far darker origins. Or, maybe a lesser character takes a starring role. Are there any secondary characters you're in love with? Personally, I have a weird attachment to Kate (of the Denali clan), and in turn, Kate and Garrett. I have no idea why I'm so fascinated with Kate, but I adore her. It could be the way she pushes Bella, is smart and strong and fiercely independent. Her history...and future...intrigues me. This also makes her the character I most nervous about seeing cast in "Breaking Dawn" because I have such a strong mental picture of what she looks like, and who she is.  Of course, there are also endless stories down the Volturi route as well.  Jane and Alec could be a book in themselves. So what about you? What would you read?

WOW, got wordy there...but it's been rolling around my head for some time now.  I promised salve. Balm for the festering wound left by an unfinished "Midnight Sun." How about some stills from the filming of Eclipse?

How about some Team Edward!
Team Jacob, I didn't forget about you!
More over at including a pic of Taylor and Kristen's stunt double that amuses me.

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