Monday, September 21, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack: A Hit & A Miss

Things are subject to change in the wonderful world of Twilight. There is a reason I try to stress most things are "alleged", because usually 30 seconds after I post them, they either update or change completely. Case in point: the full track list for the New Moon soundtrack was SUPPOSED to be released this past Friday. Allegedly. Friday has long since come and gone, and still, no list. I can't be too up in arms about this, since the soundtrack in it's entirety is out next month (allegedly) so we will all be privy to the information soon enough. The Pollyanna-blue sky-sunshine part of my brain tells me this is all just to ensure the soundtrack is the very best fit for the movie it can be. The cynical-knows-the-music-industry-better-than-that is cackling.

Yet, there is New Moon soundtrack news! The rumored Muse contribution seems to have (allegedly) come to fruition in a reworking of a track from their new "The Resistance" cd. According to, Muse has been asked to, and agreed to, remix "I Belong To You/Mon Couer S'ouvre a ta Voix" (I included the French just to be fancy) for the soundtrack. I love this song, however after reading all the hype of keeping the soundtrack "acoustic" with a lot of "a capella singing" to fit the tenor of the movie, it leaves me scratching my head and wondering, "I Belong To You"? Really? Not one I would have guessed. The song certainly brings the drama, but changes tempo several times and I'm still trying to figure out the majority of the lyrics since it goes all en Francais at the end. "Remix" can mean a lot though. I anxiously await the results.

Also noted in this article, the full soundtrack list is now to be posted on today. Allegedly.

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