Thursday, September 17, 2009

Because He's Chuck Bass

I'm just full of words today, what can I say? That, and this has been weighing on me since the new season of Gossip Girl debuted on Monday.  I waited for Chuck Bass all summer. I waited for Chuck Bass' crazy ass fashion ALL SUMMER. The best I got this episode were some mixed, but still color coordinated, patterns?

SNOOZE!!! Chuck Bass, still hot...but half the fun is what he's wearing. The other half is him being a womanizing, conniving, womanizing, arrogant, womanizing mother chucker and now that he's paired up with Blair (which I kind of love, don't get me wrong) we aren't getting that either! Taking both halves of fun away equals zero fun. I hate math.  To illustrate, oh grand poobas of Gossip Girl, what I want, what I really, really want:

Exhibit A:

If you must put Chuck in a suit, please make it purple. "Why do you wear so much purple?"

Exhibit B:

I dare you to find another person on the planet that can rock yellow pants like this. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!

Exhibit C:

I'm almost positive Ed Westwick had to have lost a bet with the stylist to put this on. It's hideous. Hideously AWESOME. It's so ridiculous it makes my day. Plus, I get to see Ed Westwick's legs.

So, I'm willing to let a one off boring episode, just please don't make it a habit. Because, he's Chuck Bass.

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