Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday TwiHard Report

51 days and counting until New Moon and 3 new(ish) movie posters have been released!

The images themselves seem to just be new manipulations of previously released promo images, but for the most part, an improvement. Especially the Volturi poster which looks less Disney-ish than the individual promo pictures. Is it just me though or does Edward's head seem disproportionately large? I can't tell if it really is or if the longer I look at it, the more I convince myself it is. Hmm. I kind of want a wolf pack of my own too.

News I'm VERY excited about, the New Moon soundtrack can finally be pre-ordered on iTunes!

The iTunes version of the soundtrack comes with  4 (FOUR!) bonus tracks, all of which are new and exclusive to the iTunes version AND the video for Death Cab For Cutie's "Meet On The Equinox." Plus, when you pre-order the iTunes version, you can immediately download a track from the soundtrack, Anya Marina's "Satellite Heart." Twilight Examiner has all the gory, glorious details!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some frantic pre-ordering to do. Momma needs her soundtrack FIRST THING IN THE MORNING on 10/20!  Patience is for people who aren't me.

ADDENDUM: I preordered my copy and "Satellite Heart" does NOT disappoint. If this song is any indication, I'm going to have to be even more tissue-prepared for this movie than I first believed!

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