Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday TwiHard Report

I can't decide if I'm suffering from vamp burnout or there just hasn't been much worth talking about the past few days. Perhaps a little of both. There was such an onslaught and now it's back to a trickle. There have been some little morsels of news but there are so many sites that handle the daily Twilight minutiae so much better than I, and nothing has really stirred a reaction in me.  The exception being the Breaking Dawn will it happen, will it not happen, will it happen in 1 or 2 movies blather. I had heard long ago this was a done deal, at least for one movie, then wasn't confirmed. Anyone that thinks ANYONE is going to just ignore the last book and the cash cow it presents is an idiot.

That being said, things seemed to have moved back to the "confirmed' column with the securing of Melissa Rosenberg to write the Breaking Dawn script. Rosenberg is responsible for the other 3 Twilight Saga scripts, making her a natural choice. However, the one movie or two seems to still be a sticking point. The Awful Truth hints that 2 movies are in the works. My personal preference would be 2 just to get in all the chaos of the Breaking Dawn, but others disagree and think a lot of fluff can be cut.  I'll say this, if the juicy Bella & Edward scenes are cut in any way, I will be the one cutting someone. If anything, I want more. It's the payoff of 80 bazillion pages.

Adding fuel to the Breaking Dawn fire is this interview posted by Twilight Examiner of Ashley Greene saying she believes Breaking Dawn will be filmed soon, stating as we all understand, THEY CAN'T AGE! When you're already dealing with actors in their 20's for the most part, playing immortal teens...time is of the essence.

Just a side note, I seem to be incapable today of typing Breaking Dawn without mistakingly typing Braking Dawn first. That's a different story altogether now isn't it? I'm picturing something along the lines of Smokey & the Bandit featuring a street savvy but vulnerable truck driver named Dawn. Hmm...might have something there...I call dibs on that plot.

Finally, just because they amuse me...New Moon dolls action figures are now available through Hot Topic. Make of them what you will, but Edward doesn't sparkle, nor does he vibrate, so what's the point really?

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