Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday TwiHard Report

The countdowns to New Moon (65 day) and the New Moon soundtrack (34 days) are heating up, but Team Jacob (and Team Jacob curious) fans can start crossing off the days until the release of "Eclipse" with this new 2010 Taylor Lautner calendar!

It would seem that no new or even very RECENT pictures of Taylor were used for this because I certainly expected something more like these:

I guess we'll have to wait for 2011 for that? Which is fine because he'll be 18 by then and this might not feel SO DAMN CREEPY.

With just those 34 days between us and the New Moon soundtrack, the information floodgates are creaking open. Death Cab For Cutie trickled out, followed by news of a potential Muse track and now The Used have announced they've recorded an original song for the soundtrack entitled, "For You I Would." I'm getting excited, so glad I can get my hands on the soundtrack next month, it helps with the wait for the movie. Now gimme, gimme, gimme!  Please?

Finally, thanks to http://www.twifans.com/ for posting another installment of funny Twilight pictures. I've spent a better part of the day laughing at them and trying to pick one to post. You can see them all here. The pet cactus one made me snort, but in the end I chose this one:

I lied...I had to post the pet cactus one too. Shhh.

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