Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday TwiHard Report

This is one of those things that might not appeal to everyone. I warned you I like vampires. I just round up all the days vampy goodness and condense it. Like a momma bird feeding her baby birds, but a lot less gross. You want to read anyway, you dirty little voyeur.

Twilight fans want Weitz back for Breaking Dawn

Apparently a petition is circulating for fans that want to see "New Moon" director Chris Weitz back to direct the sure-to-be epic Twilight Saga finale, "Breaking Dawn." This call to action is based solely on 2 trailers and some still shots. I'm not sure I'm ready to jump on this bandwagon. I will freely admit I've watched both trailers more times than should be wisely spoken aloud, and in comparison to "Twilight", it LOOKS like "New Moon" should be stellar. However, I've been burned by trailers before and is it the directing or the considerably larger budget? I reserve the right to see the movie in it's entirety, then deciding if I'm going to become the latest town crier for this cause. The cast apparently was very happy with Weitz, and he gets kudos for sticking to the story (allegedly...I'm still leery of the "oh we just changed the bargain between Bella & Edward a little" rumor)so we shall see.

Twilight In Forks

A new documentary is set to release on 10/15 (same week as the "New Moon" soundtrack, BTW) entitled "Twilight In Forks". Basically, they want to learn 'ya all about Forks, WA whilst carping the Twilight diem. Crass commercialism? Maybe, but I think if a little town like Forks, who no one would know about without "Twilight", can take this chance to work a little tourism magic on their economy, more power to them.

A Twilight Inspired Home

Speeeaking of crass commercialism...check out all this Twi-crap you can get for your house. Most of it still makes me say "yeeaah", and I really don't understand the Edward & Bella coathook, but I want the Twilight magnetic poetry. I think that combined with my LOLcat magnetic poetry could be hilarity at it's finest. It must also be said I'm disappointed they missed the "Why Am I Covered In Feathers" pillowcases.

One final shout out to my back-up boo, my other white (and cold and sparkley) meat, Jackson Rathbone, for keeping it pretty on these RPattz lean days. The lips. Oh the lips.

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