Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ok, fine, whatever, I'm here.

I've been resistant to starting a blog. Feels like everyone has one. My cat might even have one (I don't know what he does all day, it's possible.) And there is just something intimidating about feeling like I HAVE to write something. Anyone that knows me, knows I rarely, RARELY run out of things to say. Between twitter, facebook, Vampire-centric emails I may or may not send out, and generally harassing people all day long still only scratches the surface of how much crap is running through my brain at any given moment. Scary thought, I know...imagine living in my head...it's like Disneyland at night under black lights after pounding a bag of pixi-stix. In other words, IT'S AWESOME!

Yet, people started asking me if I blog this stuff. Some of you really want to know what I think about stuff? I admit, having one forum would be nice for anything over 140 characters.

So, here I am. I can't promise to keep up with this, might not get past this. I'm not really sure what this might become. I'm just winging it and doing what I do best, babble.

All I ask of you is hang in there. I can't promise perfect sentence structure. I won't even promise linear thought. My obsessions run hot and cold. Some things change weekly, some things stick around. I love music. I love the sheer wackiness of life. Most recently, I love vampires...a lot. Just bear with me. Skip ahead, rewind, beg for more, plead for less...I might listen. I might not. I might mock you. But that's half the fun.

I guess that's it then. Here goes nothin'


  1. Girl, I believe we would get along quite well.

    I look forward to this babble, or lack there of, or ya know, whatever. :) It really can be fun!


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