Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday TwiHard Report

Woohoo! Busy busy day! Let's see if I can get my hands to move fast enough to get it all out.

First on tap..."New Moon" Soundtrack set to release on 10/20 (not 10/13 as previously announced), Stephenie Meyer announced on her site today both the cover art ---> Which...well...looks exactly like the movie poster, so no real surprise there. HOWEVER, in bigger better badder news, the first artist/single on the soundtrack has been confirmed. Death Cab For Cutie wrote and recorded "Meet Me On The Equinox" exclusively for "New Moon." Your first chance to hear the song in it's entirety will be on during the VMA's. Read more about "Meet Me On The Equinox"

In equally exciting news, still shots of the majority of the featured Volturi have been released, albeit in a scattered, haphazard fashion. Volturi vamps...come on down!

Here we have Marcus. Now, I freely admit I'd prefer stills from the movie than staged on what looks like the backdrop to my high school's production of "Young Frankenstein". This pic makes Marcus look like the used car salesman to the, I mean badass.

Next up...Aro. This particular shot looks a little too much like Lucius Malfoy borrowed Severus Snape's hair dye, BUT I can see the potential for evil lurking just beneath the surface.

Rounding out the three musketeers of vampdom is Caius. Aren't these guys supposed to be kinda...dusty? I mean, they are centuries old. I know they are frozen at the age at which they which they were changed but Caius is looking pretty fresh. And kind of hot. Not that I mind that part at all.

On to the terror twins! This is our first peek at Alec, who looks like a snarky teen vamp with an attitude problem. Which is good considering he's a snarky teen vamp with an attitude problem.

Finally, Jane. Jane. I have but one word for Jane. AWWWWWWWWESOME! I can't fathom any better casting than Dakota Fanning, end of story.

Twilight Lexicon did the best, most comprehensive job of gathering up all the pics (they were all released to different sites) and you can see them and read up on each of the Volturi back stories here

Finally, Stephenie Meyer has voiced that she would like to see "Breaking Dawn" split into two movies. Hopefully her say will carry the weight it should...since trying to cram all of that into 2 hours is Epic Fail on tap. More on that here...and I highly recommend checking out the pic at the bottom of the post. LOVES it!

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