Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday TwiHard Report

My heart just isn't in this today. It may have something to do with the copious quantities of red wine I drank at last night's Carrie Underwood show (she's good and all but if you've heard "Jesus Take The Wheel" as many times as I have, you'd grab a bottle too) or maybe I have a little TwiFatigue from the never ending bitching and moaning about KStew's Bella wig. People take little things this seriously are what scared me from coming out of the TwiCloset in the first place. IT'S A WIG! It will most likely look just fine in the magic of film, but if you insist on staring at it and nitpicking, go right ahead...I'll be staring at the man candy.

That's about all I have the constitution for today. Staring at man candy. Let's, shall we?

This doesn't really fit into the "man candy" file but I felt like I should include it. It's a new Volturi themed "New Moon" posted. Composite of pics we've already seen...meh...but here you go: I love you. Sometimes it's just nice to see beautiful people being beautiful together. Plus, to me, this pic is the epitome of Edward and Bella:

This shot shouldn't be mucked up with words. It's from an upcoming US Weekly Twilight special issue. Le sigh. Le pant. Le faint.

Finally, a bit of a holiday spoiler for some of you, courtesy of the Popsugar girls...don't be surprised to get this in the office gift exchange:

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