Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday TwiHard Report

I'd like to pretend I'm blogging early today because I'm organized, but truth be told I just have things to do tonight but had too much goodness to share. Added bonus: today's update is photo heavy, so less taxing on those last two brain cells clinging to life by Friday! You're welcome.

MORE VOLTURI! Now THIS is what I'm talking about, action shots!

Aro & Caius perched upon their thrones (thinking pretty highly of yourself there boys?) I'm sure the symbols on top of each of their thrones means something, but like I said, it's Friday, but if you're feeling more on top of your game than I am, please theorize away! I'd love to hear it. Alec stands by on the ready to people...or good vamps. BOO ALEC.

JANE! Who, as previously discussed, is AWESOME! EVILICIOUS! Yet, I'm so distracted by the enrobed half naked Rob/Edward behind her I find it hard to focus on Jane. So I'll just stare at this for a few minutes longer...

While I still have use of my retinas...our first look at Demetri! An even mix of prissy and pissy while threatening my imaginary bff Alice! Such intensity! Such malice! Such utterly fantastic red gloves! Love those.

In the interest of equal representation, this new pic of Taylor Lautner is from a shoot for Teen Vogue. Oh hai Taylor. Just remember, he's only 17 and I'm pretty sure if you think of anything other than sunshine and rainbows while looking at this it's illegal. Just a word of warning.

Finally, Jackson Rathbone's (sigh) band 100 Monkeys has announced a 100 city tour kicking off in Vancouver on 9/13. I've heard some of the music, and it's pretty good, but I'm not even lying, I'd go just to watch JRath's lips move. Creepy but true. If that's not enough, they do things like yell "switcheroo!" and all switch instruments (because these guys have actual musical novel) AND! AND! AND! They have a BANANAGER! I'm a little in love with the Bananager, wish I had one. Just a heads up to the females of Chicago...I will be clawing my way in to the show. I'll stand in the back and pretend I'm cooler than I am, but I have the potential to crack and make a break for the stage...and I have very sharp elbows! Just kidding about the elbows and claws. Kind of. Maybe. More on the 100 Monkeys tour at Twilight Examiner

Have a great weekend all!

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