Sunday, November 1, 2009

On The 8th Day, He Created Rob

Just as I was starting to fret about having nothing to blog about because I've been so distracted the past few days that all the info I had went stale, the heavens parted and tiny cherubs slid down a sunbeam and delivered the new issue of Vanity Fair and His most perfect creation, Rob...

I will only post one, and push you over to Thinking of Rob for the rest of the untagged glory since I am in no way responsible for this thin slice of heaven and TOB presented them so nicely.

It seems fitting that these would appear, almost miraculously, on a Sunday since they take my ass to church and make me fall to my knees and give a prayer of thanks:

Dear God, on behalf of my sisters and brothers (who are also sisters), thank you for giving our eyes, if not our loins, the gift of Rob Pattinson. Heavenly high five on this one.

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