Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sometimes They Come Back

It could be you’ve had a falling out. Perhaps they were getting just a little too stalkeriffic for your taste. It’s possible you accepted them out of a guilty conscience. Maybe if you see one more Farmville request you’re going to attempt a self lobotomy. Whatever the reason, they are your friend on facebook and you want them gone. So, you slip in, under cover of night, (and maybe several glasses of wine, no judgment) hit that sweet delete button, exhale a sigh of relief and fall asleep (or pass out, again, no judgment.)

Time passes, the sun continues to rise and set and you sit content with the idea that you got away with it. No bitchy emails, no passive aggressive sighing, just a blissfully quiet facebook timeline. Then, with no warning…it appears. The facebook RE-friend request.

Is it mistake? Clearly they’ve noticed you’re no longer their friend. Yet, there it is. Do they think YOU’VE made a mistake? Even in my deepest wine soaked haze (ahem) I’ve never “accidentally” deleted anyone. What to do? Do you add them again with hopes of sneaking away for a second time? (It’ll never work; they’re totally watching you now.) Do you ignore and risk the potential re-RE-request?

You can always block them but that seems so drastic, so final. I say fight fire with fire. Accept the request and take up drunken Mafia Wars.

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