Friday, March 26, 2010

Cheap A$$ Chic

Money and I don't get to party together very often, but I also don't do well sitting around just dreaming of things. Combine this with being raised to appreciate a bargain (trust me, I'll tell anyone that will listen when I get a deal, even if they're running in the opposite direction) and I've developed a certain knack for thrift.

So, in what may or may not become a regular feature...contigent on my attention span...allow me to introduce you to some of my fave deals and steals I've uncovered.

Let's start with music. If you read this blog or my tweets with any regularity (and you should be) you know that I' a word...obsessed. However, cds ain't cheap and I know too many musicians who depend on music for their living to illegally download music without being wracked with guilt.  The only way around this was to find as many sources of free music as I could!

One Track Mind: Get a song (sometimes more than one) a day emailed right to you! It's the ultimate for lazy music lovers. You can also follow them on twitter @OneTrackTweet. I've received everything from indie bands on up to the majors although there is a secret satisfaction with latching on to a band early. If you miss anything, there are monthly rewinds available.

Free on iTunes: Every Tuesday iTunes releases it's new Single of the Week, Free Video and sometimes a Discovery Download. In the iTunes store, go to music and you'll see "Free On iTunes" in the menu on the far right. But that's not all! The single most useful app on Facebook (don't give me that Farmville face) is the "Free on iTunes" app. Here you will find redemption codes for 10, 20 even 30 song samplers available for free download. I can't tell you how many hundreds of dollars worth of music I've gotten with this app. Not all the songs will be your favorites but for free WHO CARES?

Amazon MP3s: Follow @amazonmp3 on twitter. No, seriously, do it right now. I'll wait.


Now that you are following them you probably don't need me to tell you about all the bargains you can snap up through them but I'm going to anyway. This is the place to be for their daily deals which are full albums, both new and classic, offered at DRASTICALLY reduced prices. Like $1.99 or $3.99. Crazy. They also tweet out when new free tracks are available. These are all limited time offers so you need to grab them quickly but you are rewarded for your efforts. Because I'm a swell person, I'll link you right to the free music on too.

There, that should keep you busy for awhile. Cheers to your eardrums! Don't forget, if in the midst of all this free music gluttony, you come across an artist you them a solid and buy the whole album, concert ticket or maybe a t-shirt or cap.

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